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reposting my “Into The Woods” poster, as I made changes

April 9, 2012

Theater poster I did for an upcoming production

April 1, 2012

Search for “Into the Woods” at

Urinetown, The Musical poster (s)

March 11, 2011

Here’s my poster for the upcoming show for the Brooklyn Players Community Musical Theater, founded by Corinne Goodman.(

And here’s the runner-up design, which I also like:

My art for the next CCCM poster/concert

February 23, 2011

My latest version…

November 20, 2010

Of the Cheeky Monkey Party logo, all set for the holidays. These will become stickers, for the holiday games and merchandise. Cool.

Check out the blog at It’s got all kinds of creative crafts and tips for fun parties!

My logo for Cheeky Monkey Party

July 28, 2010

Here’s the business card and logo I designed for my friend Joanna’s new company.