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A few recent….

May 14, 2017

Irish Voice illustrations that I did and like


Celebrating Women’s History Month

March 25, 2017


-A cover image I created for the NYC Mayor’s Office, to celebrate inspiring women that have a connection to this city.

RAGTIME! preliminary sketches and final poster for Brooklyn Community Musical Theater presentation

March 20, 2017


Irish Voice illo from a few months back…

August 27, 2016


Hairspray poster

April 6, 2016






Happy Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2016

Thanks for the honorable mention in your Valentine gif challenge, Studio360!ByCaty


December 6, 2015


The latest piece for The Magazine…

December 21, 2014 , which has, sadly, ceased publication this month.


This was for an article by Jamie Frevele and her Ghostbuster tat.

New York Times illustration – 11/20/13

December 4, 2013


For the money section…this article was about how Medicaid is changing so that older couples with financial challenges, no longer need to rely on getting divorced as a solution.

Meet Mr. Wooff

August 8, 2013

mr.wooffonwall Mr.Wooff.layout.

He’s one of the diverse characters that populate the FREE fun new app: CHATOON

—-CHATOON is a FREE chat service that lets you communicate in a comics-inspired format. Pick or draw your own actor or actress for the conversation! Change at any time! You can choose from our growing library of HAND DRAWN character art, use your own art and pix from your Photos, or draw right into the message yourself. And, like any proper chat, you can text, in talk bubbles!”